The Last Post

This will be the last post on this blog. I’m keeping it up because I am happy with at least some of the writing on here, and want it to be here so I can refer to it if need be.

I will probably keep blogging, but not under my own name. Cancel culture is real. My family and work keep me busy these days, but I’ve been banned from commenting on so many other blogs that I need an outlet somewhere.

This might cause me to reflect on my own behaviour, and I have done so extensively: I came to the conclusion that, no, other people are just dicks. And I’m standing by that, even if I get banned from every other blog on earth.

Thank you for reading. This feels a bit like the German Roete Armee Fraktion faxing their dissolution to the world after a decade of not bombing or shooting anyone, but I realised the other day that the site was still up and thought I should at least put something up concluding it. Like James Bond, however, I will return.

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