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Ironic Grauniad Article of the Week

Surprised to see the Left caring about unborn children. Usually they’re just a clump of cells, except when they’re propaganda tools for socialist environmental controls. Then they’re suddenly people with functioning organs, including a beating heart, presumably.

Wait, weren’t we supposed to *stop* having babies because of the environment? I wish they’d make up their minds…


Hey, remember when John Key accused Labour of protecting rapists, and a bunch of their MPs were so offended, they walked out of Parliament? Fun times.

Of course, John Key also failed to act against someone in his party accused of sexual misconduct, at least not until after the 2014 election had been safely won. Had that been made public, he would not have survived the scandal. He is fortunate that the issue was resolved in a way that was helpful to him, and remains sub judice.

In the present, the jumped up Youth MP pretending to be the New Zealand Prime Minister has done the exact same thing – protecting one of her staffers despite multiple serious complaints against him. We all know she knew. It’s obvious that she has lied and misled the New Zealand public, and let down her own activists, of whom she claims to be a feminist champion.

Her position is absolutely untenable. She must resign.

I was going to name the accused man here on my blog. I haven’t chickened out on that, but the information I’ve received has been conflicting, and I can’t verify it yet. Not least because I got two different names supplied to me when I solicited information. It became immediately apparent that these two men shared an almost identical attribute which could see them easily confused with one another. Because of that, I’ve been unable to definitely rule out, or confirm, either man.

The identity of the person, however, is not the important thing, not least because all we have are accusations, and this person cannot be assumed to be guilty. The point is what revealing the name would in turn reveal about Ardern: that this man’s value to the party and its reputation trumped all other concerns, including #metoo in her very own organization. And because of this, she conspired with her staff and colleagues to protect this man at the expense of young women who complained about his behaviour. A complete betrayal.

She must be hounded from office for this. She should not be allowed to survive.