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Thoughts on the US Supreme Court Decision Redefining Marriage

married1. Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two equals four. Given today’s Supreme Court decision, how much longer are we going to even have that freedom? The US government now officially tells us that marriage is something that it is in reality not, and furthermore gives this constitutional weight, despite no such right existing in the US Constitution. There is now no right to define marriage in the traditional manner, and religious leaders will be vulnerable to lawsuits and contempt charges. All because we believe that two plus two equals four, and that marriage is a Holy Mystery of God between one man and one woman;

2. Even conceding marriage is something that it is not, forcing the State to sanction that differing definition is ridiculous. Christmas is a federal holiday, but Channukah is not. Memorial Day is a holiday, but Hitler’s Birthday is not. Do American Neo-Nazis have a constitutional right to have Hitler’s Birthday made a Federal holiday because of “equality”? Of course not;

3. The “right” to “gay marriage” already existed. The desire to have it certified by the State is therefore not a battle for legal freedoms, but an effort to add moral weight to those freedoms. This however creates an inherent contradiction. You can’t simultaneously claim marriage to be a moral institution while also claiming that marriage “doesn’t discriminate”. Morality implies discrimination and the fitting of certain discriminatory criteria. You can’t, on one hand, want a word to apply to you (thus holding it up as having spiritual weight), and at the same time degrade the criteria for it to give it less meaning;

libertydies4. The claim that “gay marriage” doesn’t degrade “heterosexual marriage” is false. If marriage is a moral institution that has spiritual value (which is why many gay couples want to be “married”), you reduce its currency by opening it up to mean something it doesn’t really mean. A gold star given to a child in a classroom has value if it is given to only one child. It has no value if it is given to every child. If everyone is special, then nobody is special. If “everyone” can get married, then what does marriage even mean any more?

5. Further to that point, I would put it to anyone that the real goal here is not to give homosexual couples any “rights”, but the goal in itself is a Gramscian degradation of marriage. Practical experience shows that uptake of marriage among homosexual couples is actually very low. In fact, despite the fact that there are roughly twice as many gay men as lesbians, lesbians get “married” at twice the rate of gay men. The real demand to make use of this institution is simply not there. The goal is therefore not really to add something to marriage, but to take away the value of marriage from couples who are not gay.

May God have mercy on us all.