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The Whale Oil Blog: How Far Up the Colon Are They? And Have They Found the Gerbil?

I’m sorry, I’m only human.  I’ve tried to pretend I don’t want to comment on the bizarre developments at NZ’s most well-read blog.  But tonight I gave in.  That itch got too irritating not to scratch.

Anyone who has ever read Whale Oil over the years knows that Cameron Slater -the editor and primary author of the blog – has “issues”.  Fine and dandy.  If he was sane and stable, nobody would read him, and that’s a fact.   However, his increased notoriety seems to have led him to some rather strange modifications, and he now bans anyone who even remotely disagrees with him in comments.

There are signs that the wheels are falling off the bus.  For starters there is his strange attacks on John Key now that the election is over.  His acolyte, the mysterious “Pete”, has been posting rather extreme fanboi defenses of Slater, attributing godlike powers of foresight to him.  WhaleOil is increasingly looking like a cargo cult of some sort.  Will John Frum ever arrive?

After having the ego to ask “do women prefer sex or WhaleOil?” (it’s not even a question, buddy), we now see in the comments that there is dissent in the ranks!
So now the blog is threatening to ban their own moderators!  Talk about dysfunctional!

I’ve never had a particularly high personal opinion of Slater, but at least once upon a time you could go over there and speak your mind without being banished, and call him out on his bull.  And it would keep him honest to some degree.  Not any more.  Which is why I say that, while he may have high readership now, it’s not going to last if you become an echo chamber of ditto heads.  I’ll leave it to ol’ Francis to say what needs to be said: