Vote ACT on Saturday

This election really is a no-brainer.  Seymour is going to win Epsom, so a vote for ACT will always count.  It will support a National Party led government against the coalition of nutcases that make up every other political party.

ballotpaperinmouthI won’t do a long list of endorsements, but here’s what it looks like:  Vote for Labour’s Kelvin Davis in Te Tai Tokerau to eradicate Internet Mana once and for all.  Vote for David Seymour in Epsom.  Vote for Stuart Nash in Napier, because God knows the Labour Party will one day be in power again and it will need some sane people in it.  Otherwise, vote for your local National Party stooge.  But pretty please, Party Vote ACT.

Why not just vote National?  Well, because they will end up doing some grubby deal with the CCCP or NZ First.  ACT will not be part of such a thing with Winston, so you know your vote for them will support Centre-Right government and will not end up supporting a disaster like the one we had between 1996 and 1999.  To just two tick National would give them carte blanche to join up with these frauds.  Vote ACT, a vote that will always count, and always get a better quality of MP than whoever is #55 on National’s list, and you will avoid sanctioning anything stupid.

This is my ballot paper.  Make yours look similar:

ACT is the only game in town where they are not trying to bribe you with your own money.  If you want good government that does not spend more than it earns, that eliminates waste and pointless programmes, and gives people greater freedom and more individual responsibility, then ACT is your only option.  Like all politicians, they are going to suck and disappoint you, but probably a lot less than just voting National.  Let’s get as many ACT people in as we can.  Vote ACT!

2 thoughts on “Vote ACT on Saturday

  1. Angry Tory says:

    Vote for Stuart Nash in Napier, because God knows the Labour Party will one day be in power again

    Why do you assume this? National has essentially occupied the so-called “centre ground” (actually far left) by keeping all the polices of the last Labour government, and them moving further left. A medium term future where the Greens replace Labour, or better yet, a long-term future where National (on the far left) alternates with centre-left ACT as NZs two main political parties is also quite possible – especially if the next government abolished unionism in NZ!

    Why not just vote National?

    Because National borrowed sixty billion dollars over the last six years and have no credible plans whatsoever to pay it off? Because their Justice Minister conspired with a paid blogger to stop investigations by the SFO & FMA? Because acknowledged terrorist Tame Iti is effectively standing for National?

  2. Lindsay says:

    Good to see you are still alive and kicking….

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