Lesbian Sex at the Bed and Breakfast

It’s been fascinating to read about the case of the Whangarei Bed and Breakfast that refuses to put gay couples in the same room together.  What’s been even more fascinating to note is that the owners are Antiochan Orthodox.

banbIt’s a classic conflict of rights.  The owners, of course, have the right to make any rules they like regarding what should happen on their own property.  This seems fair enough.  But the lesbian couple also have the right not to be discriminated against simply because they choose to bat for the other team.

Quite possibly the whole problem would have been solved with some clear terms and conditions on the Pilgrim Planet website.  But there is nothing – only a vague statement about “old-fashioned values”.  If you are going to have a policy of preventing gay couples from staying in the same room, it needs to be a lot more explicit than that, so that nobody has to suffer any embarrassment.  Furthermore, if the Ruskins really do run their B&B with “old-fashioned values”, meaning in this case Christian values, then are they being consistent?  Are they refusing shared accommodation to unmarried heterosexual couples as well?  Consistency would seem to demand that.  Judging from the lack of complaints in that regard, I’d say they are quite comfortable taking bookings from fornicating straight couples, and are therefore a pair of big fat hypocrites.

It’s all very strange.  Clearly it’s not the sex they object to.  People have sex in B&Bs all the time.  It’s not like gay sex is any louder or more offensive to the ears than straight sex.  And it generally takes place in the room where nobody else sees it.  No, the Ruskins are objecting to the “thought” that gay homosexuals might be enjoying themselves on their property.  This is not consistent with Orthodoxy, which is a faith of free will and free choices.  I suppose that, living in Whangarei they are a long way from the nearest Priest, but I can’t imagine any decent Orthodox clergyman condoning these attitudes.  If you aren’t prepared to have strangers commit acts of sin on your property, then maybe you shouldn’t be running a Bed and Breakfast?

The attitude that the Ruskins have taken is a disgrace.  They seem to believe they are “taking a stand”, when in fact what they stand for is nothing but hypocrisy and judgmentalism.  Of course, no sin should be condoned, but when you discriminate between sins, you cross a line.  The Ruskins need to be upfront about their policies and make them consistent with their faith, or get out of the hospitality business.

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