Terrible Journalism From the NZ Herald

So I visit the NZ Herald site today and I see this:


OMG!  Key was misled by the US?!  This is a scandal!  So I click on the link, and…


Note that the key words “claims Dotcom” were left out of the headline.  This is quite a crucial bit of information, wouldn’t you say?  Changes the story somewhat, don’t you think?  Just a little?

Actually, there is a MASSIVE difference between John Key being objectively misled by the US as a provable fact, and the mere opinion of Augustus Gloop here.  One is big news worthy of a headline.  The other is not news at all.  We know what Dotcom thinks.  We don’t give a f*ck.  Why is that news?  Why pretend it is news?  What does the Herald think it is doing?!!!


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