WINNING? – Angus Jones and the Two and a Half Men Meltdown

Chuck Lorre must be wondering what God has against him after another of his actors decided to go batshit:

Angus Jones, better known as the character Jake Harper, the adolescent “half” in the title, has released two videos criticising the CBS sitcom, now in its 10th season, as “filth”, and urging viewers to shun it lest they become contaminated.

The 19-year-old actor, who reportedly earns $350,000 per show, making him the highest paid teenager in US television, made the pleas after embracing the Forerunner Chronicles, a California-based Christian group which warns about evil in entertainment.

“Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing,” Jones said in the videos. “He is a non-existent character. If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men. I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it; please stop filling your head with filth.”

I’m actually moderately pleased for Jones, who at least has not let fame turn him into a Scientologist, bug-eyed commie, or even a ridiculous caricature of a party animal like his erstwhile co-star.  I only wish he had found a better, and indeed, more Christ-like, form of Christianity.

People like those in this group are actually dangerous.  They severely distort the message and mission of Jesus and turn it into some sort of asceticism where people outbid each other in their quest to be more “righteous” than each other.  All that you are left with is bitterness and judgmentalism, which is as far from Christianity as you can get.  It’s not even a sin to watch Two and a Half Men, let alone act in it.  The characters are fictional, and in no way supposed to be role models.  God loves creativity and entertainment – He is the original creator, with an obvious flair for the dramatic.

Sure, it’s a secular show with secular, perhaps sometimes hedonistic concerns.  As a follower of Jesus, Jones may have become convicted that acting in the show was not what God wanted him to do with his life.  But by making a public display, what he has actually done here is dishonour his employer and breached the good faith of his contract.  Now that IS a sin, and so his actions are not of God.

I’m glad Jones is seeking to follow Jesus, but this ain’t how you do it.  I hope he starts to see this group for what it really is, and seeks out fellowship with people who are teaching a genuine gospel.  Christianity is a process of becoming more like Jesus through prayer, study, worship, fellowship and seeking to complete the mission he started.  It’s not about fallen, sinful people telling others what entertainment they can and cannot watch.

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