Britain: No Longer a Free Country

There are few things more offensive in life than being called an Australian (possibly even if you are one), but even I don’t think you should be arrested for it.  And yet that is what has happened in the UK:

Chelsea O’Reilly, who has a dual British/New Zealand citizenship, says she was “really insulted” by the drunken rant of her Czech-born neighbour Petra Mills, the Daily Mail says.

Ms O’Reilly was giving a statement to police concerning Mills and her husband when Mills stormed over and began screaming at her on their street in Macclesfield, Cheshire, 300km north of London, on September 4.

“She called me a stupid fat Australian b****. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was New Zealand,” Ms O’Reilly said.

“She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted. She said she would kill my dog. Bizarrely she then blew raspberries at me like a child.”

Mills was fined £110 for racially aggravated public disorder and £200 for assaulting a police officer, who she kicked during her arrest, the Daily Mail says.

Firstly, Australia can have this woman, because she is a big sook and not behaving like a stoic “she’ll be right” New Zealander ought to.  Awww, so you were insulted?  Boo freaking hoo.  Leave the whinging to the poms.

But the bigger point here is that the law in Britain is a disgrace.  When vicars can get arrested for quoting the Bible, when footballers can get arrested for even using the word “nigger” in a sentence, you no longer live in a free country.  The law must change, and fortunately there are people now campaigning to do it.

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