Romney Needs Two More Electoral College Votes and He Is President

It’s pretty clear that, wherever Romney was before the debate, it has given him a boost. Virginia and Florida are now in his column. And while Colorado and New Hampshire haven’t been polled in a while, the last Rasmussen polls there showed Romney ahead. Rasmussen also has him ahead in Iowa. This would give him 267 electoral college votes, two votes away from occupying the Oval Office.

Obama still holds leads in Nevada, Wisconsin and Ohio, but his lead in Ohio is only one point, and absentee ballot requests there are hugely favouring the Republicans, in direct contrast to four years ago. Romney just needs one of these states to flip and he will be the President-elect come November 7th.

Foolish fifth column pundits like Cameron Slater seem to think the maths makes it impossible for Romney to win. Well it looks just fine from where I am sitting. He likes to whine that Romney has to carry ALL THE SWING STATES!!! (OMG) to win, ignoring that they are called swing states for a reason, and you only need a small flip of a couple of points to take the lot of them. It is not maths which wins Presidential elections, but votes. All Romney has to do is get enough of them in the right states, and it is looking increasingly likely that he will do that, if he continues to build on his strong debate performance.

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