Proof New Zealanders Are Morons

The New Zealand Herald’s coverage of the US Presidential elections continues to be woeful. Their only story on last night’s debate, from the Associated Press, seems to be the one published report on earth refusing to acknowledge that Romney was a clear winner of the debate,

They also run an online poll, in which, at the time of posting, New Zealanders, by a margin of two to one, have declared Obama the winner. I suspect most respondents did not actually watch the debate, because there is no way you could have watched it and thought Obama did well.

Whenever New Zealanders complain about "stupid Americans", it is just a matter of throwing this poll back at them and pointing out who the stupid ones are.

One thought on “Proof New Zealanders Are Morons

  1. Brian says:

    TV3 News last night pretty much did the same thing. Made it seem like Obama had a goodo evening, nothing to see here, move along.

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