Romney Owns Obama and Makes Him His B*tch in Denver

Even Cameron Slater’s bum boy Andrew Sullivan is calling this “a calamity for Obama“.  Barry did nothing but stutter and bow his head like a naughty schoolboy for the ninety minutes of the first US Presidential debate.  His closing address sounded like it was written by Jimmy Carter.  You got the impression that this was the first time that Obama had ever really been challenged on his bullshit, and he had no comeback.

By contrast, Romney looked like the President.  He was confident and self-assured, rattled off fact after fact, and just made Obama look like a dick.  There were several great moments tonight, but none better than the discussion of the Simpson-Bowles tax plan:

Obama:  We’re putting it before congresss right now…

Romney:  You’ve been President four years!

And that really is the bottom line.  Obama has been campaigning like Bush is still the President.  With that one line, Romney tore away the curtain, and we saw Obama for what he really was – an empty chair.

Will this win Romney the election?  Still a month to go, so who can tell?  But I have no doubt what happened tonight will shift the polls.

UPDATE:  That killer punch…

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