Right Wing Talking Points: John Banks

I really do get sick of the so-called right wing bloggers of New Zealand.  There seems to be this desperate need for them to be “even-handed” so as to be liked and respected by the Left, and by the mainstream media.  I suspect this is partially because New Zealand is such a small place, and people just want to get on with each other, or be a big fish in a small pond.

Well f*ck that.  That’s never been what motivates me.  I am interested in good policy, and winning, so that we can implement that good policy.  Nowhere in that equation does that involve sacrificing the truth to be liked by people who disagree with me.

Take John Banks, for example.  I thought making Banks the Leader of ACT was the dumbest in a long line of dumb moves by that party.  Turns out I was wrong.  Banks has been the most successful ACT Leader and MP ever.  He is implementing Charter Schools, a core component of Sir Roger Douglas’s Unfinished Business.  How much else of that Unfinished Business has been implemented (18 years later)?  Well… time limited Treaty settlements, and that’s about it.

Banks has also proved to be a team player by voting according to the views on his party with his conscience votes.  Which is more than can be said for his predecessor.

ACTivists should be wearing big cheesy grins on their faces right now.  They should be holding parties.  Stuff is getting done.  And what’s more, they, and all of us on the Right, should be defending John Banks.  He is doing a stellar job.

Instead, we have had the opposite.  Banks has been accused of being dodgy with donations, or something like that.  The Right has largely been mute, or equivocated, or given “even-handed” responses.  They have hung him out to dry, and thrown him under the bus.

Folks, we stand for FREEDOM.  That includes the freedom to donate to a political party of our choice.  That includes the freedom to be anonymous when we do so.  The freedom to spend as much as we like on our own political campaigns.  And the freedom to tell people to mind their own business when they ask where the money is coming from.  There is nothing wrong or shameful about accepting donations in aid of a good cause.  And if Banks fudged around to avoid breaking some STUPID LAW that SHOULD NOT BE A LAW IN THE FIRST PLACE, then I really do not give a flying f*ck, neither should you, neither should the public, and we should be defending him to the public as having done nothing wrong, and pointing out that the law is a stupid law.

Instead we are apologising and fudging ourselves.  Which is why we keep losing, and they keep winning.

One thought on “Right Wing Talking Points: John Banks

  1. Lindsay says:

    Do “they keep winning”? I thought you just said Banks was the most successful ACT MP ever for the charter schools policy (which is actually attributable to Catherine). Look, I don’t like Banks and I’m not going to defend him. That I voted for him is enough.

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