Afghanistan Statistics that the MSM Ignores

The United States has been in Afghanistan since 2001.  Bush was President for most of that time.  How many American soldiers died on Bush’s watch?





The answer is 575.  Not a large amount, relative to 20th Century wars, but still 575 too many.
So how many do you think have died under Obama?  He’s done a much better job, right?  Surely not that many?







There have now been over 1400 military deaths in the three and a half years Obama has been President.

Not a lot of people know that.  That’s three times the deaths in half the time.  And if you listened to the media, you’d think Obama was doing a fantastic job of winding things down over there.  Clearly something is messed up.

The reality is, as events of the last couple of days have shown, Obama has been weak on defense issues, and it has encouraged insurgents in Afghanistan.  And it seems like nobody in the media is calling him out on it, not least all the war protesters who were so vocal about Bush all those years ago.

One thought on “Afghanistan Statistics that the MSM Ignores

  1. Angus says:

    Code Pink showed up to gatecrash the RNC. That’s the first time they’ve been seen in nearly 4 years as far as I can tell.

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