Cameron Slater Becomes a Shill for the Left

Cameron Slater’s blogging on the US Presidential election continues to be pro-Obama and anti-Romney. If all you read were his US election posts, you’d assume you were reading a left wing blog.

His latest thing now is to criticize Romney for calling out so-called "fact-checkers" in mainstream US newspapers and websites, despite these people being economical with the truth themselves. He asks if Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman – two far-left union bullshitters in New Zealand – are now working for Romney. Well shit, dude, if Oosterman and Kelly wrote a blog, would they say anything different about Romney than what you do? Who are you working for?!

Slater needs to clarify some things:

When Obama said "You didn’t build that", did he actually mean "You didn’t build that"? When Romney, and damn near every other GOP speaker at the convention mentions the phrase in their speeches, do they deserve "four pinocchios" from the Washington Post for quoting Obama’s biggest campaign gaffe so far and shoving it up his arse?

When Obama snuck around the Clinton/Gingrich welfare reforms by granting a work requirement waiver to states, wouldn’t you say that was undoing the whole point of the reforms? When Romney points this out in TV commercials, can Politifact call "pants on fire" with any credibility?

When Romney criticized Obama for not visiting Israel as President, while running around half the Middle East, did Obama actually visit Israel? Did he deserve "two pinocchios" from the Washington Post for saying Obama didn’t visit Israel when he didn’t visit Israel?

Apparently Slater thinks that while left wing journalists can’t be trusted in New Zealand, they are saints in the United States who can do no wrong. But it is amazing what you will say when you have money and your reputation riding on the outcome. A Romney victory would deplete Slater’s wallet from the ill-advised bet he made, and make him look very foolish for some of his statements, so he is content, along with the NZ Herald and all those papers who just publish whatever the Associated Press give them, to feed misinformation to the New Zealand public. Fortunately, New Zealand has no votes in the electoral college.

I’ve been scathing of Romney as a nominee myself, and he has some real flaws (none of which seem to have been exploited by the Obama campaign so far, inexplicably). But he also has a lot of strengths, and in choosing Paul Ryan for his VP, he has shown that he will be a reforming President determined to limit the size of government and reduce the national debt. It is vital for Western civilization, for the world economy, and even for New Zealand, that Romney wins and the GOP takes the US Senate. I sincerely believe that four more years of Obama will see the US economy collapse – and take the rest of the world with it. The US will be destroyed as a global superpower, and the world will descend into chaos. The stakes are too high for even a big Whale in a small pond to make silly little bets and bat for the other team.

2 thoughts on “Cameron Slater Becomes a Shill for the Left

  1. Brian says:

    Agreed. I can’t fathom Cam Slater on this one.

  2. Urban Redneck says:

    Good to see you back Blair !

    It is satisfying to see a “l” libertarian type who is not a just a soft-left / progressive drone.

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