Todd Aiken Must Be the Stupidest Motherf*cker To Walk the Planet

What part of "stand down now" does Todd Aiken not understand?

We already know that Aiken is a moron for believing that women’s reproductive organs have some sort of spidey-sense that stops rape babies from being conceived. And if there was any doubt as to his mental retardedness, it has been removed by his subsequent actions.

Firstly, with his apology, he seems to think the only thing he said wrong was the word "legitimate" instead of the word "forcible". No, dumbarse, you do not get it. That’s not what was wrong with your statement, although yes, it was a bad choice of words. What was wrong was that you made a ridiculous and unscientific statement about female reproduction which minimised the problem of pregnancy through rape. It’s not something that you can just bat away with an apology. You’ve proved beyond all doubt that you are unfit to be a US Senator through your outlandishly antediluvian beliefs.

Then, when even feral Republicans like Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are calling for your head, when Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney himself want you to call it quits, and the only person of any note left supporting you is Mike "I pardoned a murderer who went on to kill three more people" Huckabee, you refuse to quit! This is not a beatup, Todd, this is not a case of Democrats and "liberals" bullying the GOP into forcing you out, this is pretty much a unanimous verdict on the length and depth of your dumbarsedness. You have decided to be selfish, and become the posterboy for Democratic demagoguery on women’s health issues all through to November – putting the possibility of a GOP Senate and Presidency pickup in jeopardy. And even if you do win your Senate seat, what would be the point? Nobody would touch you with a barge-pole. You’d be like Joe McCarthy post censure.

You didn’t even win the Missouri Primary on your own effort – you won because your Democratic opponent Claire McCaskill ran dog-whistle ads falsely calling you the "most conservative" candidate in the race. You won because she wanted you as her opponent. Take the hint – the Republican Party does not want you as the US Senate candidate for Missouri. Quit now. You cannot bully the GOP into supporting you again. They are done with you. You are not welcome. P*ss off.

One thought on “Todd Aiken Must Be the Stupidest Motherf*cker To Walk the Planet

  1. Kiwiguy says:

    Will be interesting to see how much damage this guy does for Romney’s polling. He had just gained a bounce in some key states after selecting Paul Ryan. Now the Dem’s can use this guy to taint Ryan who co-sponsored legislation with him.

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