Refuse the Mark!

I don’t know who is more stupid in this story – the guy who refuses to wear a badge with a consecutive number on it, or the company which fired him for refusing to wear it.

A Georgia factory worker is claiming he was fired for refusing to wear a sticker celebrating how many days the plant had been accident-free.

Billy E. Hyatt is now suing his former employer for religious discrimination: He could not wear the number 666 because it’s the Mark of the Beast in Revelations.

Arrrrgggghhh… so… much… stupid…  That’s gotta be worth a double facepalm:

The Book of Revelation is filled with symbols and metaphors.  I don’t think the literal number 666, symbolising the number of accident free days at a plastics factory, is also the diabolical Number of the Beast, guaranteeing eternal damnation to those so marked.

I’m a little concerned about barcodes though…

See what I mean?  😀


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