Raping the Taxpayer

Amidst yet another controversy regarding the dubious way that Hell sells its pizza in New Zealand, and the fallout which saw them donate ten grand to Rape Crisis, I found this quote both fascinating and appalling:

Wellington Rape Crisis manager Natalie Gousmett this afternoon confirmed her organisation was accepting the offer on the condition Hell senior executives, managers and staff going through sexual violence awareness and ethical bystander training run by her agency.

Ms Gousmett said she was disappointed at having to accept the donation, rather than relying on guaranteed funding.

"They’ve made a mistake in a way that treats sexual violence as a joke. I feel as an agency that works with survivors of sexual violence it’s really troubling for us to be in this position of having to decide whether to have to accept money from a person who’s done something like this when we should have consistent Government funding."

Um… no you shouldn’t. What a terrible attitude.

Firstly, the organisation name has always weirded me out. The use of the word "crisis" in itself evokes panic and trauma. Is it saying that there is a "rape crisis" in society – too many rapes? Of course, one is too many, but the term suggests an epidemic, and there is no epidemic of rape in New Zealand, any more than any other crime. Or is it saying that rape is a "crisis" in the life of someone raped? If so, that seems awfully negative. When you deal with a rape victim, you are supposed to help them grieve and recover from what happened to them so that they can heal and restore themselves. With a name like "Rape Crisis", it conveys that victims are supposed to stay that way – in a state of crisis with no escape. Frankly, I want to help rape victims recover, not keep them in crisis. Why would I support a rape crisis with my donation?!

It seems like Rape Crisis has been pestering us for donations for a long time, and we just don’t want to give it up for them. They think when we say no, we really mean yes. They think that just because we wear tight jeans with our big fat wallets BULGING out of our pockets, that we are teasing them, and we deserve what we get. They’ve gone and humiliated Hell Pizza, accused them of things, called them dirty in public, and now Hell have given them a little something in the hope that it will satisfy them. But no, Rape Crisis are "disappointed" that they have to resort to doing this to get what they see as theirs to take. They want to be able to have it without asking, whenever they want it, whether we like it or not.

We’re such dirty, tax-paying sluts, and they’ll show us what’s good for us.

It’s not like Rape Crisis are bad people. They do really good things and help people out, and that makes them kinda cute. If they were gentle with us, respected us, said the right things, who knows what we might be able to give them? šŸ˜‰ But Rape Crisis don’t seem to be interested in consent, and that’s a shame. Lock your doors, hide your wife, hide your kids…

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