Leave Nadezhda Ostapchuk Alone!

The amount of vitriol towards a certain butch Belarussian shotputter is getting embarrassing.

I can understand the joy at Valerie Adams receiving what was rightfully hers – a gold medal.  I can also understand that people don’t like cheats.  But FFS, there is a limit!  It’s only the f*cking shotput!  Nobody cares!  It’s not that important!

Yes, Ostapchuk is a cheat and deserves to be disqualified, but Eric Young is a wanker.  So are certain fast food chains.  There is nothing uglier than an ugly one-eyed New Zealand sports fan (except maybe a Cantabrian one), and rather than getting a chip on their shoulders and treating it like some personal mob vendetta, New Zealanders should celebrate what Valerie Adams has achieved, accentuate the positive, and leave it at that.

One thought on “Leave Nadezhda Ostapchuk Alone!

  1. Sue Minot says:

    Thank you -finally some sanity in this ridiculous palava (sp?). I sympathise with Valerie Adams, but her public comments have been high-handed, sanctimonious and unsympathetic, and as for Kiwis abusing Ostapchuk on her Facebook page and elsewhere, and making offensive comments about her appearance; that makes me ashamed to be one of them. Cheating is never right, but until the matter’s been fully investigated we don’t know all the facts, and none of us know what pressures there may have been on her to dope. Until the facts are out in the open I wish everyone would just shut up about it!

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