Leave Stewart Murray Wilson Alone!

There comes a point in everyone’s life that one needs to stop whining like a little bitch, accept the reality of a situation, and move on.

I put it to Tariana Turia and the good people of Wanganui that now is such a time. Stewart Wilson is not a piece of radioactive waste, he’s simply an ape-creature who has served his time at Her Majesty’s pleasure, and now gets to live in a proper house like us humans do. You know exactly where he lives and what he looks like, so there can be no excuse should you decided to drop by for a cup of tea, or let him babysit your kids.

I suggest you ignore him, get on with your lives, and let him get on with his.

I cringe every time I hear the words "the community has not been consulted". Usually they come from the mouth of some Leftist trying to stop somebody exercising their basic human rights. In this case, it is crazy to consult anyone – what are people going to say? "Yes please, let’s have a sexual predator live in our neighbourhood!" The problem is that the simian has to live somewhere, and as GI Joe used to tell us, knowing is half the battle. It is far better to have a sexual predator live on your street and know exactly where and what he looks like, than to be blissfully unaware. It means that scaremongering is unnecessary.

I live ten doors down from a man who raped a three year old – the same age as my daughters. I know this because Texas has a sex offenders’ register, and while I am horrified that such people exist, I am grateful that I know who he is and where he lives, so that I can keep my daughters safe from him. New Zealand has no such register. NIMBY Tariana Turia should be less concerned about the pervert she knows about, and more concerned about the ones she is currently forbidden to know about under New Zealand law, because there are plenty of those.

2 thoughts on “Leave Stewart Murray Wilson Alone!

  1. Lindsay says:

    “I live ten doors down from a man who raped a three year old – the same age as my daughters.”

    Not that nutter with a fixation about parking spots? No, he lived nearer didn’t he. But is that incident what prompted you to check out neighbours?

    • No, I’ve since moved house from there. Every time I have moved house in Texas I have consulted the Texas Sex Offenders Register, which is online. You can see a map of where all the bad guys live. I wish New Zealand had something like it.

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