“No Pyjamas in First Class? Take Us Back To the Terminal!”

An amusing story on the Daily Hell website:

A Qantas jet touched down in Melbourne without two of its first class passengers, because they refused to fly when the airline could not provide them with the right size of luxury pyjamas.

The extraordinary dilemma facing the A380 superjet’s crew could not be resolved before the aircraft took off from Los Angeles and so the angry couple demanded to leave the plane just as it was preparing to taxi from the terminal.

The Australian couple absolutely refused a pair of business class pyjamas and insisted they had the first class type in XL-size or they would wait for another flight.

At first glance you are tempted to wonder what the big deal is, but actually, I agree with the couple.  A first class return ticket between Melbourne and LA will set you back $12k a piece.  If I am paying twenty-four grand for anything then hell yah I want some f*cking pyjamas in the right size, and f*ck you and your crummy flight and all the other passengers too if I can’t get them!  If you are not prepared to kiss and wipe my butt for that sort of money, then I am not going to put up with it either.  Otherwise, what is the point?  The couple may as well have saved themselves twenty grand and bought a couple of coach tickets.

On the other hand, I’ve always considered first class on a flight to be an exorbitant waste of money relative to what you get for it.  If I had that sort of money, I’d rather use it to pay for a nice resort to stay at on my trip.

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