GOP VP Nominee: It’s Paul Ryan!

Okay, so I hedged my bets a little this time around, but basically I am two for two in my picks.  Romney has shoulder-tapped Wisconsin Congressional Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential nominee.  And what a marvellous choice it is!

Romney was not interested in appealing to independents with his pick – he was already elected to the GOP nomination because people thought he was moderate and would have that appeal.  What he needed to do was shore up his base, without picking someone who would distract or overshadow the campaign, and Paul Ryan fits that perfectly.  His story complements Romney’s well, he is staunch and his proposed budget – which had the radical medicine that America needs to get back on track – was widely acclaimed for its boldness.  If Romney can get elected, he is basically endorsing that budget for his agenda in the first term, and that ensures there is a clear choice in this election.

One thought on “GOP VP Nominee: It’s Paul Ryan!

  1. Raider580 says:

    Interesting that Ryan wants the VP job. As some GOP people tried to get him to run for Pres.

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