A Professional Planner Gets the Smackdown

I normally despair of the inane and statist comments on the NZ Herald website, but this opinion piece seems to be a glorious exception. Professional Planner Dr Caroline Miller holds a pity party for her "much maligned" profession and nobody shows up. Best comment:

"Planners are people who make their living exercising a legal right which contradicts a moral right – the Right to Property. They have no right to our empathy, let alone our sympathy. They are not needed, yet they impose themselves on us against our will. Ideally, planners should be incarcerated for the violation of individual rights.

Utilitarianism does not justify central planning. The only person with a valid stake in the development of a piece of land is its owner. Neighbours and "community members" be damned. Their business stops at the boundaries of their own land."

Planners, like midwives, are a profession which adds nothing and should be eradicated. All property disputes should be governed by common law rights and decided between neighbours at a local level, either by a body corporate, or by a local Justice of the Peace.

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