Mitt’s Veep Nominee

I’m still pretty smug about the fact that I picked Sarah Palin as the obvious choice for McCain four years ago, before anybody knew who she was.  Notwithstanding only two years as a Governor, it was a brilliant choice.  Palin remains an electric politician with the power to sway primary elections.

This year is a little harder.  I tend to think Romney might stick with his original plan of picking a boring white guy who will not distract from making this election a referendum on Obama.  But as a boring white guy himself, he might want to add a bit of excitement also.

Maybe that means New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?  They make a good case.  A lot of Tea Party folk might not like his positions on some issues, but he is palatable enough, and has the budget cutting credentials to satisfy those whose focus is on economics.

Meh… I like Paul Ryan better.  They might carry Wisconsin.

One thought on “Mitt’s Veep Nominee

  1. Raider580 says:

    No chance Christie, he would over shadow Romney. Leave one wondering why its not in the reverse order.

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