US Presidential Race Distorted By Skewed Polling – Whale Oil Falls For It

Cameron Slater seems to want Mitt Romney to lose and Barack Obama to win, despite the disaster this would be for the world economy and despite Obama being diametrically opposed to almost everything he believes in. So captured by the idea of gay marriage is Mr Slater that it seems he would prefer a Keynesian leftist in power than even the most tepid of flip-flopping Republicans. Thus far he has published nothing positive about Romney, and pretty much repeated verbatim the Associated Press spin that most New Zealanders seem to believe represents credible news from the US. He even went out of his way to praise Obama for stifling dissent within his party! What is not okay in the National Party is clearly just fine with the Democrats.

One of his favourite tactics is to crow about Romney’s supposed poor polling. Well he may have to eat that crow sooner or later. It seems that a lot of the polling recently in the US has heavily oversampled registered Democrats. What is, in reality, a close race, is being spun as a clear lead for Obama in a flailing attempt to demoralise hyped-up GOP voters ready to kick Obama to the kerb.

As a result, we don’t really know how well Romney is doing. Obama is vastly outspending him in advertising at the moment, focusing on some nonsense about whether Mitt has released enough tax returns, or whether he put the right name on some bureaucratic form for Bain Capital back in 2002. But despite the skewed polls, he appears to have made very little real impact.

Romney does have problems. I suspect that while he is gaining votes in safe red states, he is not having the same impact in the swing states. It raises the possibility that he may win the popular vote, but still lose the electoral college (which part of me would like to see happen just to watch the Left defend the electoral college system they so rigorously denounced twelve years ago). But there is a lot of campaign to go. And while I’m no fan of Romney, and wish he wasn’t the GOP nominee, he would be miles better than Obama, and it is crazy for a supposed right wing blogger to support a left wing President.

One thought on “US Presidential Race Distorted By Skewed Polling – Whale Oil Falls For It

  1. Brian says:

    I suspect that if Kim Jong-un supported gay marriage Whale would say nice things about North Korea. He is obsessing, and using the tactics of the left he so often rails against – demonising those whose view is different to his. I probably would vote for gay marriage if I had a vote on the matter.

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