After an initial flurry of enthusiasm for blogging again earlier this year, I quickly realised what I was doing was simply not working, and nobody was reading. So apart from a few sporadic posts, I’ve been taking a holiday to reassess.

Now I think I’ve figured it out. I’m not an essay writer. I’m not a polite debater. I’m not even a mass debater (hur hur). I’m here to entertain people, and I’m here to occupy and entertain myself. I’m a soldier, not a diplomat. So, while a lot of my values are now different, I need to go back to the spirit of what I was doing before, which is what got me readership.

I’m also getting sick of the decline in quality of New Zealand blogs. I’m finding Farrar a bit wet these days. Slater’s blog has gone severely downhill – it now apes Farrar’s copy-and-paste style of blogging, is obsessed with copying the vile Andrew Sullivan, and seems more interested in scandal than making the case for the Right. It’s time to call them out on their crap.

6 thoughts on “Blogging…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Well, I’ll look forward the the result of these reassessments.

  2. Irony alert. Slater forwarded this post to me. Welcome back

  3. Raider580 says:

    Yeah get on with it , not going to get readers if you dont post a bit more often.

  4. Porky says:

    The Whig was the best blog around back in the day. Would it be true Blair that you appear much more conservative these days?

  5. […] Porky asks: “Would it be true Blair that you appear much more conservative these days?” […]

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