Strange Things That Happen To Me #1

I want to apologise to all five of my loyal readers (excluding all the pervs looking for nekkid pictures of Kimberley Guilfoyle) for my lack of blogging over the last month or so – I haven’t had much time or energy lately.  I hope for better days soon.

In the meantime, here’s a video of something that happened to me this afternoon.  I got home from work, and instead of parking on the same side of the street as my house, which is what I normally do, I parked on the opposite side (there was a UPS van coming the other way and I couldn’t be bothered waiting for it to pass).  I was parked on the street, perfectly legally.  Not five minutes later I get a knock on my door from the gentleman below, very irritated and asking me to move my car!

I responded that I was happy to move my car, but I couldn’t see the problem as I was entitled to park there and there was plenty of other street parking available.  The gentleman then got very upset and started to argue with me.  I reiterated that I was quite entitled to park where I did, and it was a public road.  He then started swearing at me, and threatening to call the cops on me, at which point I asked him to leave MY property.

The video was taken about five or ten minutes after this conversation:


Eventually a security guard from the neighbourhood association showed up on my doorstep. He confirmed that I was entitled to park there, but politely asked me if I could move to keep the peace. I told him I’d move it in an hour when I went out, and he was fine with that.

I don’t know what country this fellow is from, but the whole incident was very strange!

4 thoughts on “Strange Things That Happen To Me #1

  1. Raider580 says:

    No one perves at Kimberley, she is a work of art. Oh and a whole five readers ,gone up from the days of The Whig.

  2. The Whig was a fairly popular blog in its day. I wish I still had that sort of readership, it might make me want to blog more. It’s a chicken and egg thing I guess…

  3. Lindsay says:

    Don’t you get the sense that this guy is used to getting what he wants – irrational or otherwise – by throwing his weight around?

  4. Fluffy says:

    Yep. The Whig was bloody good in its day.

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