Stupid Americans

Since Cam Slater decided to post an Alexandra Pelosi video of ignorant Mississippi rednecks on his Whale Oil blog, I thought I would show the flipside of the coin by the same woman.

I don’t generally comment on welfare issues, which is what the video addresses, but I do want to say that you can find stupid people wherever in the world you go.  I get really sick of New Zealanders making fun of “stupid Americans who don’t have passports and can’t find their own country on a map”.  I find it hypocritical, because some of the most ignorant and intellectually retarded people I have ever met have all been New Zealanders.  I mean, come on, can there be any more intellectually bereft place on earth than West Auckland?  This is a place that overwhelmingly continues to vote for Soviet Liquor, despite being the drunkest, most dysfunctionally alcoholic part of the entire country.

It also needs to be said that, yes, Americans are ignorant of geography, mostly because it is not a widely taught subject in US schools.  What they do learn is history.  Most Americans could tell you what George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King did.  But find me a New Zealander who can tell you anything about Samuel Marsden, Te Rauparaha, Hone Heke, George Grey, Richard Seddon, Apirana Ngata or Charles Upham, and you will have found a rare individual.  Probably an individual who laughs at ignorant Mississippi rednecks and needs to take the log out of his own eye.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Americans

  1. Tim Wikiriwhi says:

    Hey Man take it easy on Westies Dude! You seriously think the Brain pool is greater in the North? South? or East? Westies have many virtues that shine above the other quarters… They are Politically Incorrect, They have a healthy distrust of Government… and they ignore Bad Laws… They Cruise in Cooler Cars, and ride meaner Bikes, smoke better dope, and squeeze finer Bootie! Hell! Why did I ever leave?

  2. Tim Wikiriwhi says:

    I concur that the average Kiwi generally is as least as Brain dead as the average American… swings and roundabouts. Their arrogance is pitiful. And they hte America for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Tim Wikiriwhi says:

    Ha… *at least* *Hate*…

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