The Great Betrayal of Working People in New Zealand

Consider the lot of the working class man in New Zealand…

Right from the start, you are prevented from finding work, because draconian employment laws prevent employers from taking risks on the working class.  There is no point in an employer starting or continuing a business employing unskilled or semi-skilled labour, because that sort of labour is not worth the $13.50 an hour he is forced to pay.  Business in NZ is becoming a high-end boutique preoccupation.  So those jobs are hard to come by.

Then if you do find work, you are hit by 15% GST on everything you buy, making it hard to make ends meet.  You still pay income tax, no matter how little you earn, and the only way to get any of it rebated is to start a family.

You have to live in Auckland, because that’s where your job is, so you pay ridiculous rents for a small flat, probably half your income if not more.  You do this because Nick Smith and Simon Upton decided to make it almost impossible for developers to build new subdivisions, and Len Brown and Mike Lee conspired with council bureaucrats and planners to  decide that building outside of current city limits should be illegal.  Buying a house, when the average one would cost fifteen years worth of your income, is an impossibility.  To commute to your job, you need a car, and are forced to pay ridiculous prices for petrol, because government tax on petrol is so high that it literally doubles the pump price.  You have almost no money left over to save after that.

In New Zealand, a working class hero is something to be.  And on top of it all, Susan Edmunds from the Herald, and the Labour Party that is supposed to represent you, tells you that the taxes you pay on food, petrol and your income should be directed to keeping women like Glenda Connon in her three bedroom, quarter acre house for a quarter of a century.  A house that you could never afford, or dream of living in, on your current income.  And if you dare say that she should be moved out, and should live somewhere a bit more modest, somewhere in a place a bit more like the one you pay half your income every week for, you are called “meanspirited” and “greedy” and “right wing”.

Why would you be working class?  Why would you try to earn a living when you don’t have connections, and a privileged upbringing?  Wouldn’t you just rather go on the dole and make babies?  Then maybe Housing NZ can give you your own house, paid for by the suckers you’ve left behind.

This is why New Zealand is in the shit.  This is why I fight.  Because the politicians are conspiring to create two New Zealands – one where the wealthy drink in Parnell cafes and run their little boutique businesses that feed off the custom of other wealthy people, and another where poor families live in State Houses on welfare, unable to further themselves or contribute to our society.

We have a Labour Party that was formed to defend the interests of working people fighting against them every step of the way.  We have a National Party of old money and wealthy farmers who are perfectly happy with this underclass because they never have to deal with them.  And the activists on the Right – the very people who should be fighting against all this – are more worried about gay marriage and stupid labels like “classical liberal”, and how that nasty John Banks got rid of Saint Rodney and took over their precious little 1% party.

We need to tell this National Government that we have had enough of their prevarication, and that we will not tolerate a New Zealand like this any more.  We will not tolerate their wetness and unwillingness to reform our country and make it the great nation it should be.  We need to fight to get our country back.

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