Justice for Robin Bain

As the vile and delusional* Joe Karam releases another book justifying his fifteen year crusade to smear the innocent and exonerate the guilty, Bryan Bruce has put out this video tribute to the slandered man, Robin Bain:

Robin Bain was probably, like most of us, not a perfect person, but there is almost no evidence that he killed his family.  The real killer, his son David, should be wished well and left alone with his demons, but he should not get a cent to compensate him for what was a just sentence for what he did.


*My personal opinion only, I make no claim to know Karam’s mind or mental state.

3 thoughts on “Justice for Robin Bain

  1. kentp says:

    Here, here. Robin has no means to defend himself, either legally or in person. Karam’s behaviour is reprehensible and opportunistic. He got David’s not guilty verdict. So why doesn’t he just move on?

  2. corrigenda says:

    Karam will not let it go as he has a written agreement which gives him 50% of any monies won.

  3. Kate Savage says:

    I have only become aware that there is a site protesting the defamation of Robin Bain since Karam took the authors to court. In my view this murder was planned for many years and I believe the murderer thought he had thought of everything- including sowing the seed that Robin Bain was a deviant. It is obvious that the boy,is it Stephen, fought for his life, something the murderer had not allowed for. You will never convince me an old man, killed an entire family including one who put up a good fiight,and then sat down at the computer ,before killing himself all on a full bladder. Old people have to pee before they do anything else! It is all just too planned,especially the computer bit. Isn’t it reported that David Bain , had many years earlier told a classmate that he knew how to get away with a crime using his paper run as an alibi?.

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