It’s John Banks’ Party Now

Despite my protestations that they need to think of the future and how they are going to get their MPs back, the Clusterfuck Party (also known as ACT) have confirmed John Banks as the sole Party Leader.

As with any dictatorship, how well this goes will depend on how benevolent a dictator Banks plans to be.  Is he now an enthusiastic convert to smaller government, lower taxes, choice in health and education, property and self-defence rights… or is he going to revert back to his moralising, Muldoonist past?  The C&S agreement recently hammered out was a good start, but is Banks going to be any more than a National-But-More-Staunch MP like his predecessor Hide?  Or is he going to provide the electorate with a real alternative?

Frankly I would rather a newly Muldoonist Party than a tepid classical liberal one.  I only wish all my friends on the Right would now stop playing 1% politics and join National, where they could make a real difference and play for 50%.  (That’s how you win, you know…)

2 thoughts on “It’s John Banks’ Party Now

  1. Heyjude says:

    Of course Banks is going to toe the party line, if he wants another term that is. He is smart enough to know that he will not be the candidate for Epsom next election if he doesn’t.

  2. Prebs used to say that a Party Leader always has the casting vote. If you make a man king, he is the one that decides the party line, not the party. And if you deselect the sole MP of a party, you are destined to spend another term either out of parliament, or at best with another three years of having only one MP.

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