Fascist Breastapo Weren’t Really Telling People What To Do When They Were Telling People What To Do, Honest!

Another propaganda piece in the New Zealand Herald from someone pretending to be a journalist:

The league’s New Zealand director, Alison Stanton, and board member Lisa Manning, both of whom had difficulty establishing breastfeeding, said yesterday that the group’s response, when asked by the council about the bottle-feeding clip, was part of its normal activity: advocating for breast-feeding.

“This question about us being offended [by the bottle-feeding clip] and bullying or demanding that it be taken out – it was a measured response,” said Ms Manning…

“Measured response”?!!  Is that supposed to be a defence?  If you were really advocating for breast-feeding, then why are you complaining about a MAN using the only method available to him?  Positive advocacy means you publicise IN FAVOUR of something, not AGAINST something.  This has got to be the worst attempt at spin I’ve seen since Mitt Romney last opened his mouth and said something.

You’re still both a pair of fascists.

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