Erebus Crew Families Still In Denial of Reality

It seems the Erebus disaster of 1979 can never be put to rest.  Now Peter Dunne has weighed in to try and tell us 2+2=5.

Nobody likes to speak ill of the dead, and it is not my intention to do so here.  But I will state the facts:  The crew were confused as to their position, because their computers had been set up with an incorrect flight path.  They did not know that, but they were aware that something was wrong.  We know this from the black box recording.  However, the crew made the mistake of simply scratching their heads and not doing anything about it.  They did not double check their position with McMurdo.  Furthermore, they continued to fly at an unsafe altitude.  Of course, they were trying to give their passengers a good show, but the fact remains that what they did was against both company policy and safe flying.  They should have immediately increased altitude while they verified their position.  They did not do so, and paid for that decision with their own lives, and the lives of their passengers.

I am sorry for the wives who lost husbands and the children who lost fathers.  But they need to accept that the crew made mistakes and played a part in the tragedy.  They can’t bring their loved ones back by agitating politicians to lay blame exclusively on the airline, when the judgment of the crew was a part of why the disaster occured.

4 thoughts on “Erebus Crew Families Still In Denial of Reality

  1. Anthony Farrell says:

    Is it the families of the crew who are agitating for the official air accident investigation decision to be put aside and the crew members exonerated? I don’t know about that perfectly understandable family reaction but I do have to wonder at the psychology of those others who are prepared to disregard 100 years of well established aviation law and professional standard operating procedure as they try to alter the course of history because family members have an emotional attachment to the crew involved in this particular incident. The operational elements of this crash are without any logical dispute in the aviation industry unless you have a political (e.g.ALPA) agenda or a family connection to clear. I have never had any regard for Peter Dunne as a politician and even less now as a person after this inaccurate and illogical appeal for exoneration. Likewise Paul Holmes, who I suspect is the driver behind this latest article, a professional publicity seeker and failed amateur aviator who might have been more successful if he had adhered to higher standards of airmanship and stayed within his personal limits of control. My real concern is how these people can exert influence in a wide range of other aspects of society and how so many, judging by the comments made to this Herald opinion piece have no regard at all for the facts of the case and would support formal exoneration based on their ill informed gut reaction even though they have no understanding of the real issues in the operation of the flight.

  2. Dallas Robinson says:

    Have you read the Mahon report? Are you related to Chippendale by any chance? Or Morrie Davis, Ian Gemmell or any others of those who lied and fudged through their teeth. I absolutely and emphatically disagree with your comments.

  3. Dallas – please explain why you disagree with my comments. I am well aware of the Mahon report, and some of the appalling things that went on. But it is impossible to say that blame for the disaster lies solely with the airline and that the crew were sent to their deaths the minute they boarded the plane, as you imply. That is what Dunne and the families are trying to tell us, and it is just as wrong as what the Litany of Liars did in trying to put it all on the crew. Computers do not fly planes, people do. And in this case, the airline made a mistake, and the crew compounded it by not being vigilant in verifying their position in relation to the mountain. Result: Lots of dead people.

  4. Brit says:

    From what I read, him descending was company secret policy and furthermore they themselves put out marketing materials of them at low descents. Also air new zealand did briefings for the Antarctic not real training with flight simulators and understanding of the area. This is a combo of pilot error brought on by bad training of the airline. Collins gets 20% of the blame.

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