Evil Breast Nazis Suppress Positive Images of Male Maori Role Model

…So we have an anti-smoking ad on New Zealand television, which I believe is wrong anyway, but if we are going to have them, then what is more awesome than having Piri Weepu being a good Dad and feeding his child with a bottle?

I can’t for the life of me understand why the breast nazis are so offended by such a wholesome, positive image, especially when Maori men have had so much negative publicity from beating and killing children.  The sensitivity and the withdrawal of the image is insane.

Firstly, men should feed their infant children as well as women!  They should help their wives/girlfriends out.  And they don’t have boobs, so what else are they going to use but a bottle?  Secondly, who says that there is formula in the bottle?  It could be expressed breast milk!  How do the fascists at La Leech League know?  Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with formula.  I was never fed breast milk as an infant, I only had formula.  My daughters had a bit of breast milk, but mostly had formula.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FORMULA FEEDING FROM A BOTTLE!!!  Stop making women feel guilty about it!

Many women find breastfeeding difficult, and in my ex wife’s case, could not produce anywhere near enough milk for our twin daughters.  It makes me so angry that these BITCHES (there is no kinder words for them) want to impose their stupid hippie ideals on mothers at a vulnerable time in their lives.  Of course breast milk is better than formula – no shit!  Everybody knows that.  But babies who have formula do just fine.

Alison Stanton, Karen Guilliland, the pair of you are just scumbags and nazis with no sensitivity.  You should be encouraging good role models for fatherhood in the lives of children, not suppressing them because of your insane cultlike fetish for breastfeeding.  I hope you both have tits which sag to your belly buttons and that your husbands cheat on you with someone more pert.

One thought on “Evil Breast Nazis Suppress Positive Images of Male Maori Role Model

  1. Paranormal says:

    You’re so lucky you missed the Breastapo still carrying on the infotainment that follows the 6pm news, even though public sentiment is quite clearly against them.

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