Maybe Romney Doesn’t Suck That Much

Romney on Hannity tonight was asked the exact question I have asked about him – is he going to be a reforming President, or is he going to tinker?

His response was “This is why I’m running!  I’m not going to be President to just make changes at the margins!”  And for once he sounded like he actually meant it.

I worry a lot about Romney winning the nomination, but that was a good answer to the question.  Maybe he’ll be alright after all.  Honestly, looking at Newt’s numbers right now, he is going to need something to hang on until Super Tuesday – at least one win – and unless he changes it up and lifts his game I don’t see him doing it.

Romney actually reminds me of John Key quite a lot.  He is the moderate, amiable guy who doesn’t look or sound like much of a fighter, but “smiling assassin” fits them both so well.  Look at how he took apart Gingrich in Florida.  He was merciless.  If he is only half as ruthless with Obama, he’ll carry forty states.

But he still should not start a trade war with China.

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