You Should Join National

Do you believe in reducing taxes, reducing the size of government, offering choice in health and education, reforming welfare, and protecting property and individual rights?

Do you think John Key is a bit wet?

Can you not utter the words “Nick Smith” without spitting over your left shoulder?

Do you HATE the fact that there are now almost no right-leaning politicians left in parliament?

When someone suggested back in the eighties as a joke that you should steal a dead baby’s identity and apply for a passport with it, did you do nothing more than laugh and say “I don’t think so!”?

Do you live in any of the following electorates:  Whangarei, East Coast Bays, Pakuranga, Waikato, Taranaki-King Country, Wairarapa, Ohariu, Ilam, Otago, Clutha-Southland, Invercargill?

You should join National right now!

New Zealand is not going to change unless people like you step up, join the party, and run for parliament.  Join up, get onto your local branch committee, and start making friends so that when 2014 rolls around you can put yourself up for candidate selection and have some support behind you.  The seats I mentioned are highly likely to have candidate vacancies in either 2014 or 2017, so set yourself up now.  Get in there and start making a name for yourself.

If you don’t do it, the commies win.  And that sucks.

PS:  I am doing my part too.  Look for me to run for Governor of Texas in 2018 😉

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