The Masses Against the Classes

Just a quick post because I have been very busy at work lately and haven’t had much time. But what a joy it was to see Newt Gingrich win South Carolina on Saturday!  Not  because Mitt would suck, but because this has turned into something else that is bigger than two guys who want to be President.  It is now a battle of the Masses against the Classes.  An uncouth conservative rabble who have seen in Newt the fighter they desire, and the moneyed, powerful, party grandees backing Romney as the one who will preserve propriety and balance in the force.

Already things have turned septic.  The Power Line blog has all but refused to support Newt if he is the nominee, saying that they will focus on winning the House and Senate instead.  Chris Christie has given the Democrats a beautiful campaign ad with his “Newt has embarrassed the party” quote.  And grouchy old commentators like Charles Krauthammer have been driven mad at the thought that such a thing could come to pass.  We have seen the true face of the GOP establishment, and it ain’t pretty.  There is some major toy-chucking going on.  The elites are very very scared indeed.

All this simply makes me like Newt even more.  Though maybe “like” is the wrong word.  Polling is pretty clear on this – most people don’t actually like Newt.  In fact, it is precisely his unlikeability that has propelled him into frontrunner status.  Fickle woman that she is, Lady GOP is spurning the suit (and suits) of nice guy Mitt, and living a little dangerously with bad boy Newt.  They have correctly surmised that only a cheating arsehole has enough of the nasty to go after Obama.

Newt could still be tripped up.  He released his Fannie Mae contract tonight and it could be problematic for him, given his previous glossing over of it.  Voters like a penitent sinner, but they don’t like being lied to.  And  maybe Romney will find that mojo or whatever it is he has been lacking up until now.  But I think a grilling of Newt on Fannie Mae would be a better bet.

All this of course just gives me the opportunity to post a Manic Street Preachers song, so here it is:

2 thoughts on “The Masses Against the Classes

  1. Nicky Wire says:

    Manic Street Preachers ?

    Ironic given they are more Left than Billy Bragg, Tom Morello and Serge Tankian mixed into one

  2. Yes, but they make excellent music. Good, thoughtful music transcends politics, and the MSPs aren’t usually preachy.

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