GOP Nomination: Then There Were Five

Looks like Huntsman is out.  Like a wounded pet dog that needs to be shot, I’m glad he will soon be out of his misery, but all the same I am sorry to see him go, and he will be missed.  He was a far better candidate than his godawful campaign suggested.  I would have called it the worst Presidential campaign I have ever seen, but for the fact that Rick Perry is also running, and at least Huntsman realised his errors and made an (all too late) effort to correct things.

But it is pointless to muse on what could have been.  To be the President of the United States, you have to know how to read the mood of the electorate, connect with people and get them to vote for you.  And while Huntsman was a good solid conservative Governor of Utah, he utterly failed to do that, so he is not qualified to be President.

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