US TV Forced To Show Anti-Abortion Ads By Election Laws

This news made me laugh:

Terry, who founded the Operation Rescue organisation that came to prominence by blockading abortion clinics and has been jailed for his activities, registered as a Democratic presidential candidate against Barack Obama in order to use a federal law that requires television stations to air political adverts uncensored within 45 days of a primary or general election.

The ad he plans to run includes graphic pictures of a black man hanging from a tree, murdered victims of the Holocaust and of aborted babies. “The slaughter of babies by abortion. This is murder. President Obama perpetuates this massacre,” it says.

I doubt these laws are going to last too much longer at this rate.  It means that any idiot with a few million bucks to spare and an axe to grind can get his pet issue in the news, simply by saying he is running for President.

However, the reaction is telling.  Are people really more outraged by being shown images of aborted foetuses than they are the fact that millions of abortions happen every year?  To my mind, people need to see these images.  Personally they terrify me, and I can’t look at them without crying and wanting to retch.  The debate as to whether the practice should be legal or not will continue, and I am uncertain as to what the correct answer is, but the immoral nature of abortion seems unquestionable.  These are little babies, deliberately destroyed.  Confronted with the reality of abortion, can it truly be justified as a solution to an unwanted pregnancy?!

Free speech is a healthy and wonderful thing, and it is nice to see Democrats’ campaign laws being used against them in such an extreme manner.  It makes pissing on a Taliban corpse look like high tea by comparison.

2 thoughts on “US TV Forced To Show Anti-Abortion Ads By Election Laws

  1. Rachel Byers says:

    This Is Sad, I Cried When I Read This. Its Sad To See How Many Unborn Babies Are Killed Before They Get To Live There Lives ..

  2. rory says:

    I’m not a Christian but this is repulsive.. life is sacred.. abortion is a disgusting outrage.

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