The Red Wine Research Scandal

This is an unparalleled disaster:

A University of Connecticut researcher who studied the link between aging and a substance found in red wine has committed more than 100 acts of data fabrication and falsification, the university said Wednesday, throwing much of his work into doubt.

Dipak K. Das, who directed the university’s Cardiovascular Research Center, studied resveratrol, touted by a number of scientists and companies as a way to slow aging or remain healthy as people get older. Among his findings, according to a work promoted by the University of Connecticut in 2007, was that “the pulp of grapes is as heart-healthy as the skin, even though the antioxidant properties differ.”

Here I am, drinking litres upon litres of the stuff in the vain hope that it would improve my skin and fortify my cardiovascular health, and we now find out that one of the fullas who did the research clearly has been taking cues from your average climate scientist.

While some are saying that this does not necessarily mean that red wine isn’t helpful for the skin and the heart, I am despondent.  I may have to somehow cheer myself up.  Perhaps with a bottle of… ?

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