Let Them Starve

Stupid hippies:

Geoffrey Tuxworth from Perth, Simon Peterffy from Bunbury and Glen Pendlebury from Fremantle, all from the group Forest Rescue Australia, boarded the Shonan Maru 2 on Sunday off the southwest coast of Western Australia.

They have been detained by the Japanese vessel’s crew and could be taken to Tokyo to face piracy and trespass charges, sparking a diplomatic incident.

Forest Rescue Australia spokesman Rowan Davidson told AAP today the three men were now on a hunger strike.

“That was the plan all along, that they would go on board and be on a hunger strike,” Mr Davidson said.

I don’t think governments have any obligation to force-feed incarcerated criminals.  People whine about Margaret Thatcher letting Bobby Sands starve to death as though feeding Bobby Sands was her responsibility.  But at the end of the day, if someone doesn’t eat when food is put in front of them, it’s nobody else’s fault but theirs.

“What is making it difficult is that Simon has high cholesterol and does not have his medication with him.

“Glen also has ADHD and didn’t bring his medication with him either.”

Oh boo freaking hoo.  Maybe you shouldn’t be a dirty hippie who boards whaling vessels to go on hunger strike then?  At least if you’re not eating anything, you’re cholestrol levels aren’t going to go up.  And come on, ADHD?!  Are they worried he’s not going to be able to concentrate on his hunger strike and eat something by accident?!  LOL.

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