Appalling Customer Relations

This story left my mouth gaping:

Then on Friday – just one week out from the wedding – Mr Lavelle received a call from Metropolitan Rentals to say it had to cancel his booking as another customer, who already had the vehicles, wanted to extend their booking for another week.

“[They said] they were cancelling my booking as they had a better longer-term booking that they would make more money on,” Mr Lavelle said.

The company is perfectly within its rights to withhold a service with no money paid, but the lack of service and dedication to potential customers is appalling.  If you treat your customers like shit, eventually you are going to wish you had taken the hit and leased a couple of vehicles for them.  As it is, now Metropolitan Rentals has a reputation for not honouring their word.  For them to complain about not having the vehicles and the capital cost of them is nonsense.  You lease the things and offset the cost later by discounting and getting your money’s worth out of them.  You are, after all, getting the extra business.  You may only break even, or possibly take a small hit on them if business drops off again later on, but whatever your losses, it is far cheaper than the loss of reputation that breaking your word will ensure.

Who would rent from these folk again?  Do they not understand how business works?

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