The Falklands are British

I am old enough to remember the Falklands War, when a vile dictatorship attempted to bolster its flagging popularity by a reckless invasion of a peaceful nation’s sovereign territory.

Now David Cameron is once again making things very clear for the Argies:

“We must never put them at risk,” he said. “We must make sure our defences are strong, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. There’s no question of negotiating; there’s no question of the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands…  We are permanently vigilant about the protection of the Falkland Islands and their defence, and I’ve spent a serious amount of time making sure that’s the case.”

While my feelings are probably shared by very few Americans, my biggest beef with Obama over his entire presidency has been in his insistence that the question of British sovereignty can be “negotiated”.  Nothing sums up his tin ear and lack of diplomacy more than such a lack of comprehension.  By his logic, Texas would be up for negotiation with Mexico – and they’d probably have a better claim!

On that note, it is only left to quote the Texas revolutionaries when faced with a similar request for their property by hostile forces:  You want “Las Malvinas”?  Come and take it!

One thought on “The Falklands are British

  1. Lindsay says:

    The Falkland episode, and Thatcher’s attitude (same as yours) are well portrayed in the Iron Lady.

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