“Ladies” Bay

As any Aucklander knows, Ladies Bay has traditionally been a clothing-optional beach.  So I am not sure I have sympathy for any of these folk.  It’s not like the beach is easy to get to or off any major thoroughfare.  You have to hunt hard to get to it.  Though I am concerned if tour guides are touring the area and not warning tourists of the nature of the beach.

Of course, indecent behaviour should be prosecuted by the police, but the nature of the bay is that it is very secluded, and it is very hard to see anything you don’t want to see unless you deliberately go down there and stand on the sand.  I also think that the Council should bow to the inevitable and point out that sometimes people do take their clothes off down there.  As long as people are not behaving improperly on the beach and it is adequately policed, I see no reason why it should not be designated a nude beach.

One thought on ““Ladies” Bay

  1. Fluffy says:

    The local murmurings are that it’s become somewhat of a “beat” for poofs to go cruising for anonymous sex.

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