Iowa Caucus Results

Bear in mind, despite all the media hype, that delegates are distributed proportionally.  Which means the practical effect of these caucuses is almost nothing.

1.  Jon Huntsman

Huntsman is a great Governor who has run an awful campaign.  He needs to fire everyone who currently works for him and get some people in who know how to make him look good.  Because he may not be awesome, but he is at least decent;

2.  Michelle Bachmann

Bachmann has never run anything other than her household budget, so running for President was always a fantasy for her.  She failed in the State of her birth.  She should drop out now;

3.  Rick Perry

Perry still has time.  He sounded like a man ready to quit tonight, but he shouldn’t.  His stand was honorable and he didn’t completely bomb out.  That should be enough for South Carolina, where it starts to matter.  He has a lot going for him, and the nomination could still be his.  He has the money to stick at it, and he should;

4.  Newt Gingrich

The big loser in this race, but unbowed.  He has exited Iowa with dignity intact.  It could have been worse.  He is still a contender, and as long as he gets rid of his mistress wife from his campaign he is still in the running.  He needs to win South Carolina to continue;

5.  Ron Paul

This is his high water mark.  Well done.  I am proud of Ron Paul’s stand for libertarian politics, and I can only hope others will come after him who have at least some clue about foreign policy;

6.  Mitt Romney

He lost.  This should have been a coronation, but it seems that until Super Tuesday, he is going to have a pack of dogs nipping at his heels.   Will he be the nominee?  I wouldn’t discount it, but I don’t think it will be as easy as everyone is saying;

7.  Rick Santorum

He won Iowa because he has not been thoroughly vetted.  Hold his feet to the fire and he will melt.  I won’t read much into his win.  Santorum  is an odious, out of touch, Catholic conservative with no ability to reach the voters required to defeat Obama.  I doubt he will win another contest.

4 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Results

  1. Ryan says:

    The delegates are not alloacted proportionally. Romney is expected to win 13 delegates and Santorum 12. Paul, despite coming a close third, will win none. Yesterday’s caucuses means that the selection race is over. Santorum will flame out and Paul will not be able to achieve large widespread support. Gingrich and Perry were Romney’s only threats and they are basically out already.

  2. The delegates have not been allocated yet at all. The RNC has decreed that they should be proportionally allocated, however. I think your views are highly premature after one caucus. This race has changed so much over the last month that it would be ridiculous to assume from this one result that all other results will be the same.

  3. Ryan says:

    Re the delegates

    Looks to me as though only Romney and Santorum will pick up delegates from Iowa

    Paul as you stated yourself won’t win the nomination.

    Santorum would be extremely unlikely also. I expect him to get a big boost from this but he has put basically all his resources into Iowa and his polling nation wide is very low.

    Gingrich is flaming out in the polls. He should win South Carolina but even winning Florida could be a stretch which seemed like a certainty a few weeks ago.

    The only hope for Romney not winning is that if conservative candidates drop out and endorse each other. Romney has also been endorsed by McCain. I can’t see him losing when he is backed so heavily by the Republican establishment.

  4. Romney has also been endorsed by McCain. I can’t see him losing when he is backed so heavily by the Republican establishment.

    LOL you’re new here aren’t you?

    If these primaries have been about anything, they have been about voters pissed off with the establishment. I think McCain’s endorsement has actually hurt Romney, if anything.

    I agree that things look good for Romney, and if he wins South Carolina and Florida things will look even better. But Gingrich and Perry could still take him down, and Huntsman may even threaten if he does well in New Hampshire. Romney has a glass jaw and the only reason he is ahead is that nobody until now has tried to punch it.

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